• Helping individuals to reach their full potential both professionally and personally by helping them to move beyond their unique challenges in a professional, confidential, and discreet manner

  • Short-term or Long-term arrangements available


  • Through seminars that are a mixture of humorous and moving, conversational and participatory, I help to bring clarity of purpose to organizations, unity to teams, and positivity to customers’ experiences

  • Half-day, Full-day, and Multi-day events available


  • Because cultures are changed from the top down, I help organizational leadership move from a culture of “HAVE TO,” which negatively affects work quality, team morale, and customer experience to a culture of “GET TO,” which leads to increased employee satisfaction and unity, decreased turnover costs, improved sales and service levels, and bottom line growth

  • One-on-one and Group options available

  • On and offsite options available

  • Short-term, long-term, and on-going options available

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What Others Are Saying

"Great content, very engaging presentation" - E. Miller, Director of Nursing/Galion City Health Dept.

"...Content is extremely applicable and easy to understand." - Jessica B./Medical Assistant

"If everyone would follow the guidelines of Mr. Castle's book we would all live in a different world... this showed me I have some work to do." - Verified Amazon Purchaser

"I would attend again with my staff." - C. Holtzmann., Director/Crawford County JFS

"You have terrific insight with regard to what customer service should be" - Jason M. Law Student

"Truly Inspirational. Insightful information that is applicable in daily life..." - Verified Amazon Purchaser

"...Very inspirational!" - Angela N., Supervisor/Crawford County JFS