Performance Coaching

let me HELP YOU

Improve the effectiveness of your teams

Increase customer satisfaction

Reduce Employee Turnover

Grow your bottom line

Reach your vision

By Helping You To

Discover and maximize the inherent value of the people involved

Identify and improve the interpersonal connections hindering your desired results


One-on-one coaching sessions (professional or personal)

Small or large group training  

For speaking engagements, keynotes, seminars, retreats, conferences, breakouts

corporate events, civic organizations, schools, churches



Cultures are changed from the top down and from the inside out. One encounter at a time. If you are struggling with the success of a business or the furtherance of a vision, it may be that you require a shift in your approach to those in your sphere of influence. I can help. 

I am not a marketing genius or tech guy. I'm a people person. I'm a culture changer and I founded Relationally Driven as a means to help others learn how to advance their purpose by becoming culture changers, too.

My background in sales & customer service, the United States Navy, non-profit organizations, and law-enforcement, combined with my unique experiences in leadership and training, stand-up comedy, motivational speaking, and pastoral care, have set the stage for me to help you take your business or non-profit where you want it to go.

What Others Are Saying

"Great content, very engaging presentation" - E. Miller, Director of Nursing/Galion City Health Dept.

"...Content is extremely applicable and easy to understand." - Jessica B./Medical Assistant

"If everyone would follow the guidelines of Mr. Castle's book we would all live in a different world... this showed me I have some work to do." - Verified Amazon Purchaser

"I would attend again with my staff." - C. Holtzmann., Director/Crawford County JFS

"You have terrific insight with regard to what customer service should be" - Jason M. Law Student

"Truly Inspirational. Insightful information that is applicable in daily life..." - Verified Amazon Purchaser

"...Very inspirational!" - Angela N., Supervisor/Crawford County JFS