I'm the owner of Relationally Driven, a consulting, training, coaching business which exists to help businesses and individuals improve the soft-skills necessary to grow their spheres of influence, increase their bottom lines, and realize their dreams.

With a wide-ranging background (service, sales, collections, non-profit, stand-up comedy, pastoral care, and community volunteerism) I've developed the means to evaluate, train, and coach others into success.

Small Business Consultation Service

Through an in-person sampling of several customer engagement opportunities as well your written service protocols, I will provide you with a list of actions you can take to help improve customer relations as well identify existing strengths on which to capitalize. I will also share with you common sales & service failures and solutions for success. 

Customer Engagement Training Sessions

Through on-site training and/or after hours group training, I can equip your sales & service teams with the perspective and skill necessary for successful customer interaction.

Personal Coaching

This is perfect for anyone who lacks confidence or experience conversing and engaging with others. Whether a young adult entering "the real world" or a business professional wanting to grow, these one-on-one sessions are a great opportunity to learn how to effectively communicate with people in every area of your life. 

Business Association Presentations

This is an opportunity for the leaders in your small business community to hear the principles and benefits of developing a Relationally Driven approach to customer service. This is perfect for local Chambers of Commerce and other small business associations responsible for helping their membership gain a competitive advantage.

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