Manners Make a Difference by Dwayne Castle

Manners Make a Difference by Dwayne Castle

According to an interesting article by Peter Coy on bloomberg.com, “Mom Was Right. Politeness Pays.” He was referring to research done by Stack Exchange which is a Q&A website, in which they discovered that people who answer questions politely are received better, by the asker of the questions than those who answer with snippy responses.

Although the research goes on to say that it doesn’t mean that the “nicer” person was right, just that they appeared to be so, at least to the person who was asking the question.

In this weeks Relationally Driven tip, I want to point out that it doesn’t just work with websites. It works in all the areas where you connect with people. Whether you are emailing your co-workers or talking with customers, or interacting with people in your home and community, manners make a difference.

That may seem like a no-brainer to you, but if you take the time to review the way that you speak with people, you may be surprised how often you use sarcasm or snark when you respond. And although people may laugh it off or respond to you in a way in which you got what you wanted, it doesn’t mean that you built a better connection with that person.

This week’s tip is this, speak kindly to people. Use kind words, encouraging words, use loving words when you speak to people. What you will find, over time, is that your sphere of influence has grown because although nobody prefers to be talked down to or belittled, they do appreciate politeness.

Thanks so much for checking in today. My name is Dwayne Castle and I’m Connecting Your Dots in this Relationally Driven Tip of the Week. Thank you.