Practice Makes Permanent (Tip of the Week) by Dwayne Castle

Practice Makes Permanent (Tip of the Week) by Dwayne Castle

About 35 years and 50 pounds ago, I was a freshman in high school, and had the awesome idea to join the wrestling team and by awesome, I mean horrible.   

Today, I can’t remember how to execute a proper firemans carry or how to escape from a double grapevine, but I remember something my old wrestling coach always said as he tormented us with a seemingly endless round of drills: “practice makes permanent!” I’m Dwayne Castle and I’m helping to connect your dots with this Relationally Driven tip of the week.

The first time we heard him say “Practice makes permanent” we were quick to point out the correct saying “practice makes perfect” but then he explained that if we practice poorly, that’s how we will perform. Which is probably why I didn’t excel at wrestling.

I wanted the experience of being on a team, I wanted to be part of something bigger than me, I wanted the girls to notice me in that solid orange wrestling singlet. But I didn’t want to put in the same amount of time and effort that the good wrestlers did. That seemed like a lot of hard work, a lot of sweat. But, they got better results.

I do, however, put in lots of time and effort with relationships and I get much better results than I ever did in sports. When you do something repeatedly, you are practicing. Building muscle memory or reinforcing habits, good or bad. It’s all practice.

When it comes to relational ability, most people practice incorrectly, focusing on SELF; how I FEEL… what I WANT… Focused on I, ME, MY, and MINE and then don’t understand why their connections are shallow or ineffective or unfulfilling.  

Here’s your Relationally Driven tip: Change up the way you view your encounters with others. Be intentional. Look for opportunities to interact with people. Look at every interaction as a practice for the next one and ask yourself “where can I improve?”

You won’t get better without intention. It doesn’t work in sports and it doesn’t work in relationships.  Work on eliminating your bad relational habits and replacing them with good ones. I put out a new tip nearly every week, apply them and watch what happens over time.

If you’re serious about getting better and find that you are struggling, contact me. Trust me, I’m much better at this than I am at sports. I’m Dwayne Castle, connecting your dots with this Relationally Driven tip of the Week. Thanks for reading.