Giving to Give not Giving to Get (tip of the week) by Dwayne Castle

Giving to Give not Giving to Get (tip of the week) by Dwayne Castle

You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours! We've all heard that, right?  In this week’s Relationally Driven tip, I want to share a twist on that old saying.  Instead of doing favors for people, with the expectation that they'll "return the favor"- do it because you are someone who does things for people. 

 Go out of your way for them. Spend your time and talent on them. Spend your money on them. But don't do it with a What's In It For Me mindset, do it because you are a generous person.

 That will be counter intuitive to some of you, but if you follow this tip, you are going to stand out from the crowd and people are going to notice you.

 When you do favors for people because there is something in it for you, what you are doing is keeping score and when you keep score, you end up thinking in terms of winning and losing.  

 Sure, there are some people who will take advantage of your kindness, but even then you can’t lose. When you are generous, just because, you’re happier, your more fulfilled.

 Your Relationally Driven tip of the week is this-  Give of yourself to others, not because of what you can get out of it, BUT because that’s who you are.

 You aren’t giving SO THAT you get a harvest, but when you sow seeds of generosity, a harvest is the natural benefit. And when you give without expectation, you are more grateful when you do receive.

 Today, I want to encourage you to evaluate your motives and to make changes to reflect that heart of generosity and gratitude and watch the growth and change that takes place around you.  

 I'm Dwayne Castle, and this is your Relationally Driven tip of the week. Thanks for watching.