50 Reasons to Celebrate (and some exciting announcements) by Dwayne Castle

50 Reasons to Celebrate (and some exciting announcements) by Dwayne Castle


For my 50th birthday this year, I wanted to commemorate it by doing something special; spend time with friends and family and gather groceries to distribute to some folks who may be having a tough time of things.

The party was originally scheduled for my actual birthday, March 16, but had to be cancelled because I was given the gift of Influenza A. (Don’t be jealous, as a gift, it wasn’t that great.)

About a week later, we decided to reschedule the party for this past Sunday (March 31). For a last minute event, the turnout was fantastic! I had such a great time with so many loved ones who came to spend time celebrating 50 years of my life.  

Despite the short notice and scheduling conflicts, we even managed to gather 57 bags/boxes of groceries and distributed them to about 40 homes. That was so much fun!

In addition to the groceries, each home got some amazing homemade desserts because how can you celebrate a birthday (my birthday) without cake and other sweets? You can’t! Desserts are required.

Why am I telling you all of this? Four reasons.

 1. To share something awesome! There is plenty of drama, trauma, and crisis in this life. Isn’t it nice to hear some good stuff as well? This was a great time! Be happy for me and for those folks that were blessed through my friends and family.

2. To brag on my friends and family. They are the best a man could hope for. So many people invested their time, energy, and money to honor the day of my birth. It was beautiful and I’m humbled by the love.

This is one of the benefits of living according to Relationally Driven principles. Your sphere of love grows and helps to make beautiful things happen.

3. To encourage you to take a look around you. Great needs abound and I hope you’ll consider finding a way to help fill those needs. I didn’t bless these 40 families on my own. By adding a little creativity to the harnessed power of the love of those in my sphere, we were able to multiply that love to a struggling community. You can do that, too.

4.  This is the most important reason for me sharing. My birthday hasn’t always been a good day for me. I haven’t always believed in the inherent value of my created being.

One day my eyes were opened to the fact that I was not an accident nor was I an afterthought of the Creator. I was put here with intentionality, for a purpose. As were you.

You matter and your existence screams that you have value! Get that today and live accordingly.

We have crossed paths by Design. If you are ever feeling like you don’t matter and are questioning your existence, let me know and I’ll help you find a new perspective. I mean it. (That’s why I posted this today and not yesterday on April 1st. It’s not a joke. You’re awesome!)


Relationally Driven, LLC is expanding and I have an opening for a paid intern. If you or someone you know is at least a junior, majoring in a people centered degree program (human resources, education, human services, business administration, etc.) and are interested in up to 20 hours of relevant job experience per month, send me your resume. It can be emailed to contact@relationallydriven.com.


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