WHAT IS RELATIONALLY DRIVEN (in a nutshell?) by Dwayne Castle

Photo by shattha pilabut from Pexels

WHAT IS RELATIONALLY DRIVEN (in a nutshell?) by Dwayne Castle

At a recent networking event, I was asked what I do and how I got into that. Current wisdom says that I'm supposed to be able to give an elevator pitch, in which I can sum up who I am and what I do, and how it can benefit others in the time it takes to get from one floor to the next. How does one do that?

Here's the wind up: Over the course of the last few generations, we've lost our understanding of how to connect with others. In this social era, thanks in large part to technology, we've unlearned the art of being social. We've grown in our ability to manipulate people to get what we want, and we've lost our conflict resolution skills as well as our ability to cope with challenges of life. 

In addition to my decades of experience in sales & service, leadership, and training, I have about 15 years ministerial/pastoral experience, which gives me a unique perspective with regard to the drama, trauma, and crises of life that we all face. These life issues, and our ability (or inability) to move beyond them, play a huge role in how we connect with others. 

Combining my professional experiences with my calling has helped me develop a lifestyle approach that lends itself to customer service excellence, employee satisfaction, and harmonious personal lives by intentionally engaging with human beings in a way that creates opportunity for everyone's value to increase.

Here is the pitch- I teach people how to engage with one another in an effective, profitable, and fulfilling manner. If you would like some assistance for yourself or your team, professionally or personal, or would like a longer version of what I do and how I go about doing it, feel free to let me know. In the meantime, be Relationally Driven. 

I've recently published my first book, The Relationally Driven Approach, which contains the three principles that will help you to evaluate, improve, and grow your professional and personal relationships. The "buy on Amazon" button below leads to a "free sample" for you to preview before deciding to purchase and it's available in paperback ($6.99) and Kindle E-book edition ($3.99). It's a quick read and I've been told it's insightful and very helpful. I hope you'll check it out.