EVERYDAY FANCY (don't wait for special) by Dwayne Castle

EVERYDAY FANCY (don't wait for special) by Dwayne Castle

"Well, aren't you feeling fancy today?" I asked my wife that question yesterday as she scooped her scrambled eggs onto her very nice china plate and drank her coffee from her new to her, tea cup. The one with the gold trimmed edge. 

Her simple response was that she didn't want to use our plain, every day, plates and cups. And then she followed up with the fact that she didn't want to wait until her special friends and family come for one of her famous tea parties. She wants to use her "good stuff" on normal days, too. I've been smiling since that conversation. 

Sometimes, it seems, we wait for special occasions or special people to give our best.  It's almost like we think good character (kindness, empathy, patience, etc.) is in limited supply, so we save it for our friends and family or for those we believe will somehow benefit us. 

Do a quick inventory of the people you encounter on an average day. You've got the members of your household, your co-workers, the boss, your customers, the barista or drive-thru window attendant, the custodian, the stranger in traffic next to you, etc.  How could your life or corner of the world change if suddenly they all began giving you their best? What kind of impact might that have on you?

Odds are that all of those people aren't going to suddenly be the initiators of this "giving of the good stuff" campaign. They are waiting on someone to show them how. You and I have got a limitless amount of that inside of us, and taking a cue from my wife, I'm committing today to use mine. Every day. Won't you join me?

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