Employees Have The Upper Hand (for now) by Dwayne Castle

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Employees Have The Upper Hand (for now) by Dwayne Castle

All indicators over the past year or so are that we are in a rare moment of history in which employees have the upper hand regarding employment. Many are currently in the position to make demands regarding pay & benefits, flexibility of work schedules, and even the ability to complete their tasks offsite. Demands they wouldn’t have been able to make just a couple of years ago.  

 Workers have found themselves with the unfamiliar ability to exercise a change in jobs, almost at will, when their conditions are not met. This has resulted in crazy high turnover, and the associated costs to functional team unity, customer experience, and the overall bottom line. 

 When discussing this lack of employee “loyalty” I often hear some version of “why should employees be loyal, businesses haven’t been loyal for decades?” There is so much truth to that statement and I can’t even begin to disagree.

 Eventually the pendulum will swing the other way and employers will once again be in position to take advantage of those “lucky enough” to work for them. My hope, however, is that employers will recognize that we are at a turning point and have the power to change the dynamic.

Employers are in a position today to implement a culture that not only fulfills the needs of the business but also the needs of the worker. Leadership at every organization have the power to create a mindfulness not only of the bottom line and the necessity of an exceptional customer experience, but also of the needs of the worker, without whom service and profit margins suffer.

 As we are finishing up 2018 and heading into 2019, my call is for employers and leaders at every level to ask themselves the question- “what happens if we don’t make a mutually beneficial culture change, today?” Better yet, “what happens if we do?”

 If you have thoughts you’d care to share, or if you would like some assistance in creating this culture change, please contact me. I’d love to talk.