IT'S NOT MY JOB (but I'd love to help) by Dwayne Castle

IT'S NOT MY JOB (but I'd love to help) by Dwayne Castle

“Excuse me, where are the AA batteries,” asked the nice elderly lady. I replied, “I’m not sure, let me help you find them.”  While hunting them down, I remembered that most of the time those are kept by the cash register and sure enough that’s where they were.

I didn’t initially know where the batteries were because I don’t work at that store. I was just picking up a few items on the way home.  I thought about how this seems to happen to me on a fairly regular basis. Either I’m helping people find things, helping them find the employees that know where stuff is located, or helping the vertically challenged to pull things down from an upper shelf.

I’m a naturally helpful person. When I see someone with a need that I can fulfill, I enjoy doing so. I also like to connect with others, even if it’s for the few seconds necessary to point out an item on the shelf.

It’s good practice for those who want to learn how to relate better with others- customers, co-workers, family, friends, etc. Most people are typically so focused on their immediate tasks and agendas that they don’t see the opportunities surrounding them to engage with people.

I could get by with “sorry, I don’t work here” and people would completely understand. But the joy I get (and the joy I share) by taking time for others far outweighs the lost 60-90 seconds it usually takes to lend a hand.

This week I challenge you to look around while on your daily journey and find an opportunity to help someone in a way that isn’t associated with your responsibilities. Go out of your way for someone. It can be a stranger or it can be someone on the job. Maybe you don’t normally go out of your way for a family member, but this week, I challenge you… do it!

Do it joyfully and without expectation of anything in return and you will find a new depth to the joy you have on your job, with your friends, and at home. I promise you can’t go wrong by taking your eyes off of yourself for a moment and focusing on others for a bit.

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