RUDE WAITRESS "CAUGHT ON VIDEO" (but it's all good)

RUDE WAITRESS "CAUGHT ON VIDEO" (but it's all good) by Dwayne Castle

Scrolling through my Facebook feed, I happened across this: "‘Rude’ Waitress Keeps Insulting Family When They Order, Then They Post The Video On Facebook"

Obviously a poor service encounter caught on video, immediately captured my attention. This was a story shared by Barbara Diamond at littlethings.com and if you click the link I provided above, you can read her story directly. 

It turns out that "Cherry, the rude waitress" is actress/waitress Kryssie Ridolfi  who works at Ed Debevic's, a 1950's style diner. If you click the link, you'll hear directly from her about the response to the viral "rude waitress" video. This from the Ed Debevic's website:

"Ed Debevic’s, since 1984, has been Chicago’s only retro themed diner. Quirky servers in flashy costumes serve up great burgers, hot dogs, homemade chili, fries with gravy or cheese, huge salads, milkshakes, and ice cream sundaes with a side order of sass! Don’t expect this diner to be a “Please” and “thank you, sir” kind of place. The servers pride themselves on snarky remarks and even drop their trays to do choreographed dance numbers on the soda counters!"

So what am I writing about if all of this has been written about elsewhere? Easy! The rudeness, snark or "side of sass" that Ed's is famous for is a fun experience for customers who go there in search of snark and sass. But if you aren't "Cherry" and you aren't working at Ed Debevic's, consider leaving the rudeness to the professionals. 

This video is a great learning experience of how NOT to act when customers (or people in general) come into your presence. When your customers come in, treat them well. Treat all people as if they matter because they do matter. Go out of your way to be kind. Listen to what they are telling you and take action based on what you hear. Make suggestions. Go above and beyond for them.

If you ensure that people are having the most fulfilling time possible while in your presence, they will want to be in your presence more often. They will come back and they will tell others about you. Your customer base will grow, your influence on others will grow, and you will find a surprising level of success. 

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