Survey Says (we've got some work to do) by Dwayne Castle

photo by The Blue Diamond Gallery

Survey Says (we've got some work to do) by Dwayne Castle

You may be aware that I recently conducted a survey asking the question "what does today's in-store customer experience lack?" Based on the votes, the greatest lack is well-mannered employees (18%), followed by a 4-way tie between positive attitude, genuine care/concern for the customer, eye contact and/or smiles, and product knowledge (12% each).

Next, we seem to lack a customer first mindset (10%),  conversational skill (10%), proactive employees (6%), employees that instill confidence (4%), and other- "please call me sir, not bro, dude, or buddy" (2%). Last on the list was the good use of technology with zero votes.

That's the mumbo jumbo, but allow me to put it in simple terms, based on this very non-scientific poll (49 votes), ZERO PERCENT of those who answered think we need more technology to improve our in-store customer experience and 12% believe that employees should know more about their products. 

That means that the biggest concern during in-store shopping experiences is the lack of people skills on the part of employees. EIGHTY-EIGHT PERCENT OF THE PROBLEM, at least according to this survey, has nothing to do with technology or product knowledge and everything to do with how customers perceive they are being treated by in-store employees. 

A small business will never compete with big box retailers, corporate franchises, or the on-line retail industry if people don't like to frequent the establishment. The good news is that if those responsible for the success of the business are open to change, there are simple low-cost/no-cost solutions you can use to improve the customer experience. For more information, please click here.

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