A Letter To Graduates (a perfect gift for life) by Dwayne Castle

A Letter To Graduates (a perfect gift for life) by Dwayne Castle

Dear Graduate,

Congratulations! You have done it. Whether you passed because of your hard work and superior smarts or you squeaked in under the wire, you have much to celebrate. And I join with the others celebrating with you.

I considered giving you a card with money, but since there are more graduates than there are dollars in my bank account, I decided I would give you something better. Today I am going to share with you a principle that will cause you to profit for the rest of your life. Trust me, this principle is much better in the long run than paper money.

Are you ready? Here it is- live a lifestyle of putting others first. That's it- put others first. Go out of your way for them. Go that extra mile. Build relationships. Bring along those who are behind you and encourage those who are ahead of you. If you have a sandwich, share it with someone who doesn't. Hold the elevator. Volunteer.

Give away your time, talent, and treasure- even when it hurts. Yes- give away. Do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly. That last one is a bible verse- Micah 6:8, and it's good advice regardless of your belief system. (If you want to know more about this aspect of my life, please feel free to contact me.)

Some of you may be thinking that you would rather have a card with money than this advice. You are thinking that following my instruction will open you up to be taken advantage of or cause you to be inconvenienced and you are right. It can and it will. 

Life itself won't always be kind to you and you won't likely get an immediate return on your investments of time, effort and resources. Others will not always have your best interest at heart.

However, when you choose to live your life as a servant of all, at all times, success comes. Whether you are at home with family, out grocery shopping, in school, or on the job, an attitude of service brings great reward in due time.

Regardless of your position or title and of the role of the person in front of you- family, friend, boss, employee, customer, or otherwise, you can't lose when you put them first. 

Imagine what your corner of the world will look like as you develop the lifestyle I'm describing. Now that you have graduated, determine to pursue that vision and I promise that even though you will face disappointments and challenges, you will look back and see that you have succeeded in every way that really matters. Again, congratulations and great job! Now let's go change this world. 

Thank you for reading. I'd love your feedback. And if possible, please share this post with your favorite graduates or anybody that you believe may have an interest in the thoughts contained herein.