SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY (the season to step up) by Dwayne Castle

SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY (the season to step up) by Dwayne Castle

I love Thanksgiving! I’m grateful for so many things- my faith and my family chief among them. I'm grateful for my purpose and for you, my readers.

I am also grateful that I live in The United States of America with the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit happiness. Those freedoms make living in my small rural-Ohio town possible as well as the shop-lined streets that come with nearly everything I need just a quick walk or short drive from my home.

As "small business Saturday" approaches, I get hopeful for our area retailers and restaurateurs as so much of their annual revenue is received this time of year and I want to encourage you to get out and shop local this week.

Don’t feel the need to wait for Saturday. Don’t fight the crowds at the big chains and box stores, shop local on Friday, too. For that matter, maybe you can skip Cyber Monday and shop local then, as well. 

This season, I want to encourage you to buy your groceries and Christmas gifts, enjoy your holiday meals out and your fun with friends- right in your own neighborhood, as much as possible. It’s good for you, it’s good for business and it’s good for your community.

I also want to encourage all local shopkeepers- this is it! This is your chance to shine and to show why your community should rally around your business. This is the time to demonstrate that you don't take your customers for granted. This is your opportunity to share with your neighbors the benefits of keeping your small business alive and thriving.

Perhaps you can’t compete with the pricing of the big box store, but you can certainly cause people to feel welcome and you can give them the personal attention they crave. You can highlight what makes you unique. And you can express your gratitude for your customers in such a meaningful way that you will find them returning time and again, well after the holidays.

SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS- You’ve got this! We, as a community, believe in you and the potential of your small business. We want you to succeed. I promise, if you give your neighbors a real reason to be satisfied shopping local this year, you will be positioned to experience awesome growth in 2019.

Dear reader (consumers and business owners alike)- I would love your thoughts on this post as well as your 2018 Small Business Saturday experience. You can leave a comment below or you can email me at contact@relationallydriven.com. No names of businesses involved in a negative experience will be published.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR- Dwayne Castle is the owner of Relationally Driven- a consulting, training, coaching business which exists to help businesses and individuals improve the soft-skills necessary to grow their spheres of influence, increase their bottom lines, and realize their dreams.